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Traditional Balinese Massage (mobile massage Ubud) right in the heart of Ubud. Relax in the environment of your own home or hotel.  It is our pleasure to provide you a relaxing, stress free traditional balinese massage.  To get the real benefit of having a full body therapy, an hour and a half is the better option or two hours.  By the end of your session, you will feel like you never have felt before.  Enjoy the benefits of having Ubud Mobile Massage Bali visit you, especially the great Balinese Massage.

Our massage is strong yet flexible depending on your preference, but the relief and the feeling you get in the end is what’s most important.  Traditional Balinese Massage is one of the best massages you can indulge yourself with.  (Contact) Ubud Mobile Massage Bali to make it easy for you.

Bali Massage Ubud

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Our pricing varies depends on how long you want to be massaged, the amount of toxins, soreness or pain your body needs to release. So feel free to discover how we can serve your needs since the options we offer are very flexible.

Our minimum time frame starts at 1 Hour. We highly suggest a session that runs for 1.5 hours so as to really get into your muscles and tendons to improve your bodies flexibility and circulation.

A lot of our consistent clients go for the 2 hours to get the ultimate all over full traditional body massage leaving you exhilarated like never before.

Please contact us in the contact section to see what suits you.

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To contact us for relaxing, awesome traditional Balinese masssage please phone us on:

(+62 8113999110) or local 8113999110

Phone or email for appointments available currently from 8am-8pm. Any other time by advance appointments only.