About Traditional Balinese Massage

Traditional Balinese Massage right in the heart of Ubud.  Relax in the environment of your own home or hotel. I come to you to give a relaxing stress free traditional balinese massage.  To get the real benefit of getting full body work done an hour and a half is the better option or two hours. By the end of it you are feeling like you never have before. Circulation is improved tremendously in your body, youthfulness is a feeling you can obtain, and a lighter feeling in your body.

My massage is strong but soft depending on your body, but the end feeling is what is the most powerful.  I take from your body what shouldn’t be there, pain, sorrow, sadness, ill health etc.

Traditional Balinese Massage operates in and around the Ubud area and nearby villages and areas..  Call me to see if your close enough to be able to see you.